Tréguier to Ile de Brèhat - Tuesday, 2 September 2003, 15 miles

Went for a long walk ashore, starting along the banks of the Guindy, where we were able to inspect the aquaduct more thoroughly, and then along lanes on a circuit inland. In search of lunch, we approached a village, but the building that had looked promising turned out to be a nightclub. Strange location! Anyway, we were able to gorge on blackberries.

At 16:30, we weighed the 2 anchors (we'd set the second at our first LW, when we were in danger of drifting into the cliff), and motored down river into a North Easterly F3.

At 17:30, we were able to make sail and head out the Grande Passe (the Passe de la Gaine was not viable, requiring a course of roughly North East and with little room to tack safely at LW). Once we'd made our Northing to round les Heaux, we tacked, and then freed off to come into the Trieux using the Moisie Chenal.

La Corderie

At 19:30, we entered la Corderie, the drying harbour to the West of l'Ile de Brèhat, to find someone had laid visitors' buoys since we'd last been there, and we picked up the innermost with just enough depth for us to stay afloat with everything lifted.