Ria de Mundaca to Lequeitio - Sunday, 27 July 2003, 14 miles

At 16:00, we judged we could safely cross the bar, and motored out with no problem. The wind was mainly West F3, but a bit variable. We had a reach round Isla de Izard, and then a run to Cabo Ogana, where we gybed to come inshore and inspect Elanchove, a fishing village clinging to the hillside over a harbour too small to accommodate us.


Also it faced East, which meant it was out of the sunshine that had now appeared.

Finally, we rounded Cabo de Santo Catalina, and gybed for the last time to approach Lequeitio, now coursing along at 7 or 8 knots. Lequeitio lies in the South West corner of a bay, giving protection from South East through South to West and there is an island in the middle of the bay giving some protection from the North and North East as well. We anchored just outside the harbour, alongside moorings for local boats, in 3m.

We launched the dinghy and went to join the townspeople parading round the harbour and town square. The Spanish dress up for this, especially the older women and small children. Many of the groups were of 3 or4 generation families, with everyone making a great fuss of the tinies. We were entertained by a children's band in the square.