Paludin to l'Aber Wrac'h and back - Thursday, 28 August, 4 miles

The French VHF forecasts are usually reasonably accurate and easy to understand. In particular, the Cross forecasts on the North Bittany coast are read very clearly. However, there is one problem we can't deal with - the French words Est and Ouest have the same phoneme, and are very difficult to distinguish. For a leg from l'Aber Wrac'h to Ile de Batz, just North of East for 25 miles, it's quite nice to know which you're going to get.

So, we decided to go down to l'Aber Wrac'h, where a written forecast was posted. The meteo offered variable F1 today, with North Westerly F6 for Friday and Saturday. Seemed like a good idea to have a lay day, and shoot up the coast next day. After doing several weeks' washing in the launderette, we returned to Paludin and got out the bikes. We cycled to Plouguernau, where the tourist office gave us a large scale map, and then explored the coast East of the Wrac'h in glorious sunshine, with a pit stop in a bar overlooking the Ile Vierge. There were several creeks, not all drying, where you could take a yacht in nice weather.