Luarca to Luanco - Wednesday, 16 July 2003, 37 miles

Next day, it was blowing F4 North West, and sunny - much to good to waste ashore.

The mountains from the sea on a nice day

So, we had a really fast run to Cabo Penas. At one point, rounding a headland, the wind got up, and I, probably nervous because of the forecast, took in 2 reefs. 30 minutes later, it was time to unreef again, although we were slow to do so.

For the first time, we could see the mountains inland. The high peaks were cloud-covered, but the foothills were splendid and menacing.

Fiesta in Luanco

After rounding Cabo Penas, we had a fast reach to Luanco, where we dropped anchor in the shelter of an outer breakwater, giving protection from everything except the East. Immediately, there was an immense cacophony of maroons and horns, and a fleet of fishing and sports boats coming out from the inner harbour, all packed with people of all ages, and, as usual in Spain, not a lifejacket to be seen. The leading boat had the priest in full regalia, and they were obviously off the bless some fortunate bit of sea, When we dinghied ashore, we found the whole town in its Sunday best, everyone having a great time on what we discovered was the last day of their fiesta.

Oarsmen in Luanco

When we returned to Razzmatazz, we were circled by the local oarsman. We discovered as we progressed along the coast that nearly every port had a rowing crew out in the evening practicing rather seriously. Often, there was a RIB in attendance, with spare oarsmen on board who were exchanged with the tired/deemed less worthy oarsmen on the rowing boat.