Ile de Sein to le Conquet - Tuesday, 26 August 2003, 16 miles

Sailed out of the harbour at 10:00 with a nice F2/3, and sailed out the North channel. For an hour or so, we played at trying to hold Mr Andrews in the dying breeze, but then gave up and motored.

At 12:30, the first petrol tank was empty, and after I'd swapped to the other, the engine wouldn't start. After an abortive at clearing the fuel line, which I assumed was the problem, I followed Ann's suggestion and gave her the plugs to clean, and the engine started.

The visibility was brilliant - we could see all the islands off the West Brittany coast, out to Ushant - but we'd have happily exchanged this for a little wind.

We reached le Conquet at 15:00, and picked up a buoy. We'd completed our Biscay circuit of 1900 miles.

Later, we went ashore on the North side of the creek, opposite the town. The coastal path lead along the creek at first, than cut across a narrow peninsula to a bay looking West across to Ile Molène. After another 1/2 mile, it cut across another narrow peninsula to lead to a bay North of le Conquet, and then, after another mile, to a path cutting across to where we first landed. Altogether a fascinating coastline.