Henday to Bayonne - Saturday, 2 August 2003, 22 miles

Set sail at 15:00, into a Northerly F3.

Passing Biarritz harbour

We tacked up the coast, making 6 to 7 knots. Came right inshore off Biarritz to see the sights and appraise the anchorage. Crowded beaches covered in beautiful people, and heavily overlooked by imposing hotels all along the front. The anchorage looked a bit bouncy, and very public.

At 17:30 we reached the entrance to the river Adour. The recommended place to stay is a marina (Port Anglet) about half a mile up the river to starboard. But we kept going, now with the wind behind us and chased by a cargo ship, until we reached the low bridge in the town of Bayonne, blocking further progress. Just below it was a quay that the pilot book suggested might be available, so we made fast. The quayside was a car park, with dozens of camper vans and people in fancy dress. The guy who'd taken our lines explained that Bayonne was "en fête", and that it was very unlikely anyone would hassle us that evening. However, we found an office where someone gave us a number to telephone. Job for the morning, we thought!