Carentan to Ouistreham - Monday, 8 September 2003, 59 miles

Left lock and motored down the channel dead into the light wind to the entry buoy.

We intended to make as much Easting as possible, and spent the day beating up the coast with a wind varying from South East to North East, F3 to F4, alternately simply grey and drizzling.

After we'd weathered the Plateau de Calvados, the wind settled to North East F4, the drizzle turned to rain, we had a foul tide, and we decided Oistreham was quite far enough. At 19:00, we tied up in the outer harbour, and were locked in and moored in a surprisingly rural, quiet marina at 21:30.

Of course, the harbourmaster had knocked off. We managed to get past the entry code into the showers, but lost when we found they would only take tokens, not money. At least we could get ourselves warm and air the bedding with the fan fire plugged into the shore supply.