Brèhat to St Peter Port - Thursday, 4 September 2003, 40 miles

Dropped the buoy at 07:30, and headed out into an Easterly F3, with just the remnants of the West going tide for about an hour. We decided to go East about les Roches Douvres - with the double virtue of being upwind and down tide.

We almost laid the Plateau de Barnouie (on the East side of the Roches Douvres plateau), and a 10 minute tack got us clear. Then we were able to free off slightly in the now F4, to romp along to Guernsey at 8 to 9 knots. We discussed continuing to Cherbourg or Alderney, but decided that Alderny would be easy, but not really useful, and trying for Cherbourg might leave us out of tide and wind off Cap de la Hague. So, St Peter Port it was, and we went straight into the marina at 13:00. If fact, this was the first time we'd spent a night in a proper marina on this cruise - we were clearly going soft!