Bonne Anse to nr Pauillac - Sunday, 10 August 2003, 32 miles

We had decided to explore the Gironde. Accordingly, we motored out of la Bonne Anse as soon as there was enough water, at 14:00.

We then had a fine sail up the estuary, initially in a Westerly F4, touching 10 knots on a broad reach at one point. Later, the wind came astern, and we hoisted Mr Andrews, but still slowed down.

At 18:00, the wind dropped, and we headed for the West shore, with thoughts of anchoring for the night. But, we could see nowhere where we'd be able to land next morning at low tide, and a little wind returned, so we continued.

We threaded the islands off Pauillac in a now falling tide, at one point having only 1m under the hull. Eventually anchored near Patiras light (about 2 miles from Pauillac) in 2.2 m. Feeling quite pleased with our display of "local knowledge", thanks to Navicarte.