Audienne to Ile de Sein - Monday, 25 August 2003, 11 miles

We wanted to get away early, but needed to shop. Had difficulty finding anything open at 09:00, but eventually got away at 10:30.

Outside, we found a South Easterly F2, which initially allowed us make around 4 knots with Mr Andrews. But, as we reached the Raz de Seine, the wind dropped to be no more than the tide, so effectively calm, and we needed to motor to ensure we cleared the rocks. So, we decided to visit the Ile de Sein, and reached the inner harbour at 13:40.

Entering the inner harbour, Ile de Sein

As we'd found before, the holding is not good. First we tried the Fortress (actually an Italian copy), then the CQR, but both dragged. Then we tried the CQR with 30m scope (in 3m depth), and it dug in. Once it was set, we shortened to 15m, because we couldn't take that much swinging room.

Because the water was very clear, I could see what was wrong with the Fortress copy anchor: it dug in its cross bar rather than its flukes, and, of course, these had no resistance. As it happened we'd recently met a skipper with a Fortress, who said he'd cured his similar problem by gettting some end stoppers for the cross bar, and they prevented it from digging in.

We then walked out to the lighthouse, and tried to inspect the rocky ledge we'd crossed on the outward leg, but the visibility wasn't more than a mile. Back in the village, we looked for the mini-market, but it had vanished, to be replaced by another in a different lane.