Our bikes

Giant Halfway (16K) daweskingpin (12K)
Giant Halfway Dawes Kingpin
We have a Giant Halfway (mine) and a Dawes Kingpin (my wife Ann's). We chose these because we both prefer the ride of 20 inch wheels, and they are good compromise between price and quality. The Giant has a great ride, and has proved very corrosion free (important on a boat). However, it came with stupidly low gearing. I've made it acceptable by fitting a bigger front cog - 48 teeth - and fitting a Shimano MegaRange (13-34) on the rear. Ann prefers the ride of the Dawes, which also folds more neatly. But many of the fastenings are corroding. I've fitted a Shimano MegaRange to the Dawes as well, so that Ann can get up the same hills as me. Actually, the limit on hill climbing is about 15% (1 in 6), before the front wheels lift completely.