Day 5 - Back to Tui

We'd run out of time. We needed to be back in Tui by early afternoon, and there was no way we could do that. Also, the quickest route was on a main road that would certainly have been dangerous for cycling.

MinhoFromMoncao (43K)
Rio Minho from Monção
So, we took the bus to Monção, a town on the Rio Minho 15Km upstream from Tui. They were quite happy with the folders, and charged 3.10 euros each for the 40Km ride, along a windy, narrow road with lots of traffic.

After lunch in the walled city of Monção, we took the ecopiste - a cycle track on the old railway line, along the river to the Eiffel bridge leading to Tui. The track was very easy cycling, except that the start was hard to find, and it had barriers every time a vehicle track leading to the river crossed it.