Day 4 - To Arcos again

60Soajo6 (30K) MegalithNrSoajo1 (33K)
Market day in Soajo Burial chamber
If the previous day had worn out our walking muscles, it had allowed those we used for cycling to recover. After breakfast and a tour of the monthly market, we took the direct road from Soajo to Arcos de Valdevez. This climbed some 200m over 8Km to the top of the ridge, then dropped a steadily over the next 16Km down to Arcos. On the ridge, we ate our sandwiches perched on some prehistoric granite burial chambers.

ArcosDeValdevez09 (31K)
Roofs in Arcos
In Arcos, we booked into our hotel again, then wandered down to the river for a festival of traditional dancing. Some of the groups looked very severe in black and white. Though, when the ladies twizzled round, their decorative white knickerbockers would have given their great-grandfathers a thrill! Other groups had brightly coloured gypsy costumes.