In 2014, we'd sailed from Sardinia to the Ionian, with some quite challenging sectors on our voyage, then started to explore the area. This year, we thought we'd take it relatively easy, with just two targets: Delphi on the Gulf of Corinth, and the Faraway Islands, north of Corfu. Otherwise, we would potter around the islands, and, hopfully, entertain some family guests as well.

Razzmatazz is a Dazcat 9.2 catamaran, bought as a stripped out racer, and gradually evolved into a more comfortable, but sadly a bit slower, cruising boat with sybaritic additions such as a toilet and cabin table. She's a great boat for summer cruising in benign conditions - cool inside, adequate space, big aft cockpit, sails well in F2, doesn't roll when anchored off a beach at night, and all the gear is manageable by an elderly couple. For 2015, she had new canopies over the steering seats, so that we could sit out in the blazing sun without even a hat to protect us!

Us400 (50K) Canopy1 (53K)
Ann & Tony near Kioni The new starboard canopy

Part of our extra weight is our bikes, although they only weigh about 11Kg each. We use them anywhere we stay for more than a bare overnight, partly to get around and carry our shopping, but also to explore inland and get some exercise. Greece is a bit mountainous for leisure cycling. But as will apprear in our account, we have found rides that are not excessively strenuous in around half the places we've stopped.