A few days with Grandson and his girlfriend - 20 to 24 July

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Family party

Luke and Gina flew out with us to Argostoli. We found Razzmatazz happy in the marina.

In the morning we motored across to the town quay, settled with Julio for his guardianage, and stocked up. Then a gentle sail to Katelios for a swim and quiet night.

As we weighed anchor the wind started to blew quite fiercely, and we took in a couple of reefs as we beat out towards Ak Mounda, the SE corner of Kefalonia. But it didn't last, and we found ourselves sailing rather slowly under Mr Blue until the wind finally died just by Ak Kardhara, the SE corner of Ithaka. So we motored in to moor behind Nisos Pera Pigadhi, alongside a concrete mole. I should have looked in Captains Mate to learn that the English name for the island is Rat Island, and that their prime port is the mole we'd moored to. Anyway, we had a lovely evening while Luke and Gina snorkelled along the rocks. During the night, I thought I felt something/one touch my feet, but went back to sleep. In the morning we found bite marks on a cardboard food box, but nothing else untoward.

A gentle south-easterly wind took us to the north end of Ithaka, where we swam and lazed for half an hour while the wind paused before swinging north-westerly to give us a reach to Fiskhardo. The mole we'd used previously now had hire boats alongside, but we found a nice berth bows-in to the cliffs on the north side. By the time we dinghied ashore for dinner at Nick's, just above us, every possible slot all around was taken.

We took Luke and Gina to the bus stop for the 06:00 bus to Argostoli, then went looking for traps for our silent and invisible rat.