Summer weather

The Mediterranean has a reputation for calms interspersed with gales. In the Balearics this year, this has not been our experience.

Most summer days, after a calm night, the wind picks up mid-morning to reach force 4 by mid-afternoon, then drops gradually until around nightfall. The sky is either completely clear, or there is broken cloud. The temperature reaches 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Tramontana (139K)

About every one or 2 weeks, a strong blow shoots out of the Golfe de Lion. The diagram above shows a typical Tramontana wind pattern. The winds usually reach Menorca, hence the appellation "the windy isle". In 2011 we enjoyed 5 such sessions of up to force 6 from the North, lasting between 12 and 24 hours. They switched on and off almost instantaneously.

Less often, a side blow comes from Catalunya and strikes Ibiza. Summer Tramontanas reach Mallorca less often - we experienced no strong winds there in 2011, though we had a westerly gusting F9 in May 2012.

We had a couple of thunderstorms, with torrential rain, in June, and another in September. Otherwise, it was dry.