An origami case for air travel with a folder

We've previously taken our cumbersomes on airplanes using the original boxes. This worked fine on the plane, but required finding an oversized taxi on arrival, and persuading the hotel to store the boxes while we toured the country.

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Figure 1 Figure 2
This time we wanted to take our folders, chiefly so that we could jump on buses whenever we wanted a rest. However, we neither had boxes, nor knew where to get some, and we liked the idea of being able to cycle away from the airport on arrival. So, we needed to design some cunning cases.

Our solution was a folding case, made from sheet plastic. Figures 1 and 2 show the design. The overlapping joins are held in place with a few roofing (6mm) nuts and bolts. The plastic needs to be pliable but strong. We chose polypropylene. This is available in 8' x 4' sheets in a variety of thicknesses from The Plastic Shop or Bay Plastics (both on the net). After some experiments, we found 2mm sheet adequate, and it might be possible to use still thinner sheet. The sheets cost around 20, but carriage and VAT double that. Better to buy several sheets at once.

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Figure 3 Figure 4
Figure 3 is a picture of the finished case in use, before being put in its bag, and Figure 4 of it rolled up and strapped to the bike.

We used them on a recent trip to Andulicia. They protected the bikes fine on the plane, and we cycled to and from the airport without problems, despite quite heavy traffic and passing several police. The airline accepted them as ordinary suitcases on the way out, but insisted on charging for them as bikes on the way back. The trouble is, they don't look like ordinary suitcases.