Flying out To Almeria

We used low cost Monarch from Luton to Almeria. We presented the bikes in plastic cases within cloth bags, and these were accepted as ordinary suitcases on the way out. On arrival, we erected the bikes, rolled up the cases and cycled into town, where we had lunch in the sunshine in a pavement restaurant and then found the cheap but comfortable Hotel Sevilla for the night, with storage for our cases until we returned.

BikeCase (78K) On bike (80K)
One of the bikes in its case Ready to leave the airport
Almeria was buzzing with people crowding the pavements looking for last-minute presents for the Day of the Kings (6 January). We explored first by bike, and both fell off undamaged on the slippery main shopping street.

The next day was our only rainy day, so we visited the cathedral and then took the train to Granada. The railway accepted bikes free of charge, although it only had room for 3 (non-folding) bikes. The ticket price was less than half what it would have been in Britain, too.