To Tavira and Santa Luzia – 19 to 22 September, 23, 3 miles

We set out from Faro town rather late after shopping, and were fighting the flood by the time we approached the entrance. However, a tiny push from the engine let us escape to enjoy a F3 run under Mr Andrews to the entrance to Tavira. We anchored just below the creek leading up to the town in 7m.

TaviraCameraObscura (22K) TaviraCastle1 (30K)
TaviraCastle2 (29K) TaviraRomanBridge (21K)
TaviraRomanBridge2 (21K) TaviraRoofs (27K)
Scenes from Tavira
The weather had turned a bit gloomy, and from our anchorage, Tavira didn’t look inviting. However, we landed and walked for a mile or so along a straight, boring road between the salt pans to find one of the most charming towns we’d been to on this cruise.

Next morning we sailed west up the lagoon to Santa Luzia and anchored just above the village, hopefully also above the rather irritating water taxis.Spent the afternoon cycling to the unbuoyed entrance into Fuzeta - looked tricky without local knowledge. Invited the skipper of an another British yacht for drinks in the evening, and found we’d met some years before in La Rochelle.

The following day, a Monday, we cycled into Tavira for a proper explore and shop in the market. Tavira boasts a camera obscura that gives views of the whole town in panorama from the water tower, and also a lovely ruined castle that you’re free to explore. On the way back, Ann’s bike broke in two with a fractured frame, which was a bit of a bummer, as we wanted to do a lot more cycling in the next few weeks. So, next moring I cycled to Tavira while Ann took the bus, and we bought a new mountain bike in the supermarket for 50 euros, and immediately set out for an observatory in the hills.

SmallHoldingNrSaoLuzia (31K)
Smallholding near Santa Luzia
The observatory only offered night-time visits, but they let us wander round to see their stone circle, possibly ancient though in suspiciously good order, with wonderful views. For lunch we found a roadside café that served us an excellent lunch for 10.30 euros for both of us.

StoneCircleNrPrego (27K) StoneCircleNrPrego2 (30K)