To Sines Ė 3 September, 52 miles

Sines1 (20K) Sines2 (25K)
This was a classic trade wind day. We set out with a following F3 which gradually increased until it was touching F6 when we rounded the breakwater to head for Sines harbour. On the way, we passed close to the only Spanish cruising boat we met in the whole cruise, and saw behind us a Wareham cat with a junk-rigged mast on each hull. In the harbour, we anchored just off the beach completely sheltered from the north wind.

Now we needed to think about the final stretch round Cape St Vincent. The issue is that the wind blows typically two forces higher round the cape than is experienced 20 miles further north. So, if you leave in the morning when the trades are blowing, you can expect a F7/8, with seas to match, round the cape. And, oddly, once round, although the seas are smooth, the wind is often stronger.

We didnít fancy that. Part of the solution appeared to be to wait for three days, when the winds were forecast to be less. This was no hardship, as Sines is a charming little town, with a produce market and other facilities. Although it is set in the middle of a large commercial port, all of this is out of sight, and there is no noise, smell or pollution.

The second part of the solution, suggested by another of the several boats waiting in the harbour, was to go down the coast overnight and round the cape early in the morning.

PortoCorvo (29K)
Porto Corvo
Meanwhile, we did some exploring, including a cycle ride to Porto Corvo 10 miles south, where entry required riding the breaking waves.