To Muros 17 August, 37 miles

Mithril1 (19K) Mithril3 (23K)

RazzmatazzOffFisterra (12K)
Razzmatazz from Mithril
Left after shopping, half an hour behind Mithril, to find a nice F4 northerly to let us romp up to Mithril and take some pictures as we overtook.

Fisterra4 (12K)
However, we then needed to alter course to due south, and slowed down although we were still drawing away nicely. The wind was still F4, and the seas smooth as we rounded Fisterra. This was our fifth rounding, and the first without any sqawls to keep us on our toes. We entered the Ria de Muros at 1600 and were only blanketed for the last mile. Muros has a flat, sandy bay where you can dry out comfortably, so we anchored in 1.7m ready to dry out next morning to fix the light.

Muros1 (23K) Muros8 (28K)
Muros from the hills above with
Razzmatazz and Mithril at anchor
Muros from the harbour
In the morning, Roy came across to share the winching with me, and Ann went up the mast. Luckily, all that was required was some cleaning and application of WD40. Then we landed the bikes and went for a tour. For the evening low tide, I got out the scrubbing brush and removed all the weed and a few barnacles as well. So much for expensive anti-fouling.