To Le Conquet – 23 to 29 June, 23, 41, 52, 16, 20, 31, 23 miles

Our aim was to get round the corner by Ushant pretty quickly, because this was a coast we had cruised many times. And we had nice following winds on all except one day.

BoataEnteringPloumanach2 (25K)
Boat entering Ploumanac'h
Accordingly, we went to Cherbourg to stock up on wine, St Peter Port, Anse de Paimpol on the one day with fickle winds, Ploumanac’h, Île de Batz, Paludin (upstream from l’Aber Wrac’h) and Le Conquet.

Le Conquet is a pretty harbour with an equally pretty town at the south end of the Chenal de Four. It is not much used by yachts, because the moorings dry at low water springs. It is a good jumping off point for crossing Biscay, and we’d set out from it on our first Biscay crossing. However, this time the forecast was not right for a wimp’s crossing, and we decided to continue down the Brittany coast.