To Redes and Corme 13, 14 August, 16, 41 miles

We set out thinking of rounding Sisargas and making Corme. But outside, it was blowing F5/6, and would certainly be more at the corner, so we turned round ande went back to Redes. Heading into the ria we had an informal race with a Dutch tri of about 35 feet, and kept him at bay very satisfactorily until he headed up for Ares.

Corme2 (26K) Corme1 (26K)
The wind was lighter next morning, and we had a gentle sail all the way. In fact, rounding Sisargas the boats that were with us all switched on their motors and disappeared, but our stable cat platform enabled us to keep the main working, and we managed to sail nicely right up to the entrance of the ria.