To Camariñas - 15 August, 26 miles

After a windless morning, we set sail and spent the afternoon doing no more than explore the (rather lovely) ria. We saw Mithril coming into the ria heading for Corme. At last, around 6pm, the wind picked up a bit, and we headed out for Cabo Villano. This stretch of coast – the Costa da Morte – rivals the stretch from San Vincente de la Barquera to Ribadesella for beauty. This evening it was bathed in fading sunlight, and had wisps of mist forming as the breeze lifted up over the 300m hills on the shoreline.

CaboVillano1 (19K) CaboVillano2 (27K)
Cabo Villano
The wind took us all the way to Cabo Villano, where we had to motor up to the entrance of the Ria de Camariñas, and then picked up again to allow us to beat up the ria, past the harbour and several anchored boats, including Breezer, to anchor in 3m off the beach. In the gathering dark, we noticed that our new LED tricolour wasn’t working.

Camarinas1 (26K) Camarinas3 (25K)

NrCaraminas1 (21K)
The next day appeared to be similarly windless, so we landed the bikes and headed out to explore. From the opposite shore, we saw Mithral coming in, then headed for the hills that we’d sailed past the previous days. We could look down on one of the tiny fishing harbours that the pilot book warns you on no account to visit, and indeed there was no space to enter and no safe anchoarge outside. We decided against visiting on our bikes, because the road dropped 300m or so with a 30% slope, and there was no way out except back up again.

NrCaraminas2 (23K)
NrCaraminas3 (23K)