To Avilés – 30 July to 1 August, 49 miles

As usual, we left a bit early for the wind, and had to motor for half an hour. But then we had a gentle notherly which gradually veered and increased to F5, allowing us to shoot past Gijon, Luanco and Cabo Penes, and enjoy a final close reach to the entrance of the river up to Aviles at 10 to 12 knots. In Avilés, the new, private marina still had space to spare, but, since we were there two years earlier, had hired staff to ask for money. Aviles has a lovely old town, which we explored again. But our aim was to take the train next day to explore Oviedo, and then be secure and comfortable when some bad weather came through the day after.

Oviedo2 (32K) Oviedo4 (32K) Oviedo3 (32K)

So, we enjoyed Oviedo, though perhaps less than Avilés, and made excellent progress on cutting and fitting our lining the next day in the rain and wind. Salammbô joined us after a day in Gijon. We learned that his decorative female crew were fellow teachers he was taking as guests. One was incurably seasick, and had chosen to make each day’s passage by train or bus!