To the Illa de Arousa 19 August, 37 miles

We said goodbye to Roy and madeline, because out intention was to press on, whereas they were visiting the Rias Baxas for the first time and wanted to linger. We had a southerly F3, so enjoyed beating for a change. However, what was less enjoyable towards the evening was thick 20m visibilty fog. To avoid a very long detour we wanted to enter the Ria de Arousa through the Canle de Sages, which weaves between rocks perhaps 50m apart. In the event, the gps was spot on and we saw the rocks just as they should be on either side. The only hairy bit was coming through a second narrow defile, where we had two fishing boats coming the other way at a crazy speed.

We anchored off the beach at the Illa de Arousa at around 2130, and lit the gas fire to push the mist out of the cabin.