Lazing in Alvor Ė 7 to 10 September

We had been pressing on for nearly two months: now, suddenly, the need to keep going had disappeared, and we could laze for as long as we liked wherever we wanted. The only remaining task was to find somewhere economical to lay up.

Alvor (25K)
So, we spent a few days in Alvor. The village is a bit too touristy for our taste, but there is a proper covered market, with produce at local prices, as well as the over-priced shops. The lagoon is pleasant, with nice views in most directions.

The wind set in easterly, and we found we were drying out uncomfortably on just one hull at low water in our first spot, so we moved to the head of the inlet, where there was no current, and we could dry out on soft, flat sand. Great opportunity to scrub the bottom again!

We cycled into Portimao to visit the yacht yards in search of an economical lay up, but the prices were all more than we hoped to pay. Stupidly, we didnít visit the marina, because we were planning to lay up ashore, and thought Faro would have good offers.